Support with fixed height, able to raise outdoor flooring from 8 mm, which can be implemented in steps of 4 mm.
Lord is an incomparable solution in renovations and in all that cases where very low heights are needed.

Livello 2
LORD - 5 Anni Garanzia
LORD - Patent Pending

LORD - Diametro 150
Head diameter 150mm
Oggetto vettoriale avanzato-3
Lucky compensator in TPE, thermoplastic rubber, suitable for all fixed-mode supports. Lucky has 2 pairs of petals of 1.5 and 2.5mm respectively, which can be coupled together.
LORD - Estensione del supporto
Compensates heights starting from 8 mm and can be implemented by steps of 4 mm.
LORD - Testa in bimateria
Bi-component head made with thermo plastic rubber and PP
LORD - Dimensioni Alette
3 pre-cut polypropylene tabs system with a thickness of 2, 3 and 4 mm, always on the head.

Extreme low thichness pedestal with bi-component head and triple-tabs system

This product is unique because:

- it produces safe, stable and level raised floors, starting from 8mm
- it suits all types of foundation
- it is perfect for all types of floor covering
- it corrects inclines with compensators Lucky
- it handles all aspects of laying with exclusive tools

Lord: modular action, amazing result

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